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Cherrywood Smoked Malt

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Cherry Wood Smoked Malt 5° L

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Cherry Wood Smoked Malt 5° L is produced using cherry wood and a proprietary smoking process. Contributes a smooth, sweet, smoky flavor. Typical Color is 5ºL. Flavor contributions: smooth, sweet, and a subtle smokey.

Use up to 5% for a lightly smoked character in Scottish and German styles, 10% - 20% for a more pronounced smoked character, and up to 60% to add a very distinct smoked character in any beer style, although this goes very well in Stouts, Porters, and darker, maltier styles.

Cherry Wood Smoked Malt does have diastatic power, and as such will help with conversion in the mash, as well as having the ability to be 100% of the grist.