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Wyeast 5223-PC Lactobacillus Brevis - Private Collection

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Species - Lactonbacillus brevis

Unlike most lactic acid bacteria used in brewing, Lactobacillus brevis will tolerate higher levels of IBUs in wort. 5223-PC will produce alcohol along with lactic acid during fermentation. This strain is excellent for remixing the profile in a Lambic-style or Flanders Red Ale, or for kettle souring wort for a balanced Berliner Weisse.

 Temperature Range - 60° - 95° F (15° - 35° C)

Alcohol Tolerance - 9%

Highlighted Product on R.J.'s Home Brew Corner April 2021 - See this months featured products on the Corner!

Brevis is a mainstay of sour and kettle sour brewers, and the Wyeast pitch, when it comes around, is a HUGE resource!  With 100 billion cells in solution, this is ideal for kettle and fermentation sours mixed with a co-pitch of sacch.  This strain is heterofermentative, which just means it will produce ethanol as well, which makes it a double whammy and a great tool in the brewers toolbox for simple sours, like Berliner and Gose, as well as mixed fermentation sours.  Hit it at 90 F with a Kveik strain for best souring results!


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