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Wyeast 3822-PC Belgian Dark Strong Ale™

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Private Collection Strain - Seasonal Availability Only

Species - Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus

This is a unique Saccharomyces strain which produces spicy, phenolic and distinctly tart aromas and flavors, which can be increased through warmer fermentation temperatures.  Very tart and dry on the palate, complemented well by blending with fruit.

This Wyeast yeast strain has been classified as Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus using rapid PCR analysis. This strain carries the STA1 gene, which is the “signature” gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus and will be found in all diastaticus strains.

Flocculation - MEDIUM

Attenuation - 74% - 79%

Temperature Range - 65° - 80° F (18° - 27° C)

Alcohol Tolerance - 12%


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