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$9.99 Flat Rate Shipping is Here!

WLP 720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast

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A wine yeast strain that is less attenuative than WLP715, leaving some residual sweetness. Slightly fruity and will tolerate alcohol concentrations up to 15%. A good choice for sweet mead and cider, as well as Blush wines, Gewurztraminer, Sauternes, Riesling.

 Attenuation: 75%

Flocculation: Low

Optimum Ferment Temp.: 70-75°F (21-24°C)

Alcohol Tolerance: 15%


Ask a Question
  • Making a one gallon batch of berry mead. Have packet of WLP720. How much of the packet should I use? Just add to the must once cool? Save the remaining yeast in the fridge? Total novice here.

    Use the whole packet because once it's open, you can't save it without risking contamination.  Just add the whole slurry once your must is cool and let it go!  Follow your normal nutrient schedule.