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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

WineXpert Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon - 1 Gallon Wine Kit

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These 1 Gallon Wine Kits are the perfect companion to our Wine Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon.  With everything that you need to make 1 gallon of delicious, high quality wine!

Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon brings you the flavors of your favorite Chilean Cab, including black currant, cherries, and a deliciously toasty backbone.

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So I’m super impressed with the quality of these 1 gallon WineXpert Kits so far!  They come with easy to follow, step by step instructions and literally everything you need except the Wine Starter Kit!  That includes the yeast, finings, and they yield 5 standard size bottles, 10 split bottles or 20 of our small, 187 mL bottles.  The best part is that is GOOD!  Not cheap, $5 well wine, but really well made, high quality bottles in just 4 weeks! 

Vintner's Specifications:  1.32 L Volume

ABV  Body Oak Character Sweetness
12.5%  Medium-Full Medium Dry


PDF Download Download Kit Instructions from WineXpert


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