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Our Monday Savings Sale is happening now! Savings up to 20%!
Our Monday Savings Sale is happening now! Savings up to 20%!

Wine Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon


This Premium 1 Gallon Starter Kit has all of the basics you need for making a gallon of wine! Just add MUST! This kit contains the following:

1 - 2 Gallon Bucket with Lid for primary fermentation

1 - 1 Gallon Glass Carboy for secondary fermentation/bulk aging

1 - Standard Hydrometer for measuring gravities

1 - Hydrometer Cylinder, 10" for use with hydrometer

1 - 3/8" Auto Siphon Mini for transferring from vessel to vessel

1 - 3/8" Auto Siphon Clamp for hands free transfers

1 - Bottle Filler with Removable Spring for easy bottling

6 - Feet of 5/16" Transfer Tubing for transferring and bottling

1 - S-Shaped Airlock for fermentation and secondary/bulk aging

1 - 38 mm Threaded Cap with Airlock Hole for 1 Gallon Glass Carboy to Attach Airlock

1 - Grommet for your Bucket Lid to Attach Airlock

1 - 4 oz Bottle of Star San No Rinse Sanitizer

1 - Package Campden Tablets to Kill Wild Yeast and Bacteria

1 - Bottle Brush for Cleaning Glass Carboy and Wine Bottles

1 - Fermometer Stick On Thermometer to Monitor Fermentation Temperature

This Starter Kit has all of the equipment you need to get started on your first gallon of wine, and is easy to expand on! Just add more 1 gallon glass carboys!


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  • Does this come with instructions on how to do it. And different kinds vines and the fruits to make.

    This is our equipment kit that you can use to make any wine you want!  Your winemaking process can vary slightly depending on your fruit and ingredients, but we have tons of resources available, including Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases that include their own instructions on each, our 1 Gallon Cider Instructions, and our BrewCranium Blog.