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Weyermann Barke Pilsner Malt - 55 lbs

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55 pound Bulk Sack

Weyermann's Barke range of base malts is renowned for its rich and authentic malt flavor, performance in the brewhouse and results in incredible lagers.  Barke Pilsner Malt boasts intense malt character, full body, and increased head retention in your finished beer.  In the brew house, you will see higher extract efficiencies than most pilsner style malts, as well as lower proteins and consistent color in your final home brew!  Expect pronounced malt aromas, underlying notes of toffee and a soft and pleasant mouthfeel.

Expect improved extract efficiency due to large kernel diameter, good kernel homogoneity, and lower levels of glucans.  Try it with any of your favorite German style lagers, from Helles to Bock, as well as with American style blondes and lagers.  Use as a base malt with just about any beer!     

The Barke barley variety is one of the traditional heirloom varieties of malt that the German maltster has revived in an effort to preserve it's history.  At one point, Barke was the most used barley variety for German style lagers, but was overtaken by varieties that with better crop yields (Barke produces on average 20% less yield).  Weyermann Malting elected to bring this variety back to the forefront, giving craft brewers and home brewers the opportunity to brew with this authentic, unique, and incredible malt variety.  

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Barke is a very cool, high end German pilsner malt.  The barley itself is an heirloom variety that used to be the most used beer grain.  In an effort to preserve history, Weyermann brought it back!  There are only a few farms that grow this variety, and the availability is somewhat limited due to lower crop yields.  That being said, the flavor is insane!  You get a wonderful, full bodied malt character and even better extract efficiency because of the more uniform kernels.  If you’re a German style brewer, there are few malts that really compare to Barke series malts, and it’s worth making the switch and mixing with some WLP830Imperial Global or Wyeast 2124 to get the most from the malt character.  Best Helles you’ve ever made, anyone?

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 1.4 - 2.1
Moisture %: 5
Protein Total %: 9.5 - 11.5
Extract FG Dry: 80.5
Max Usage Rate %: 100
Diastatic Power: 110
Origin: Bamberg, Germany
PDF Download Weyermann Barke Pilsner Malt Lot Analysis
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