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Vintner's Harvest Wine Base - Rhubarb 96 oz


Vintner's Harvest Rhubarb Wine Base captures the flavor and character of Rhubarb deliciously.  You can use this wine base to make a complex and unique Rhubarb Wine, or add it to any beer, mead or cider to add amazing color, complexity, and a hint of Rhubarb tartness!  


Ask a Question
  • How much apple juice is needed to make apple wine? And have you combined apple and rhubarb for a wine? If so how much of each is needed?

    Add Apple Juice up to 1 gallon less than your total fermentation volume.  For example, if you want to make a 5 gallon batch, add 4.5 gallons of apple juice, then add one 96 oz can of Rhubarb Wine Base.  Pour the Rhubarb Wine Base through a sanitized bag so that you can remove the rhubarb chunks after fermentation.  This will give you a full 5 gallon yield after fermentation.  While we haven't tasted a rhubarb cider, the idea is awesome and it sounds amazing!  Please let us know how it comes out, and post some pictures on Facebook so that we can see!