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Chapman Brewing Equipment is on Sale Now! Savings up to 45% OFF

Vintner's Harvest Wine Base - Elderberry 96 oz

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Vintner's Harvest Elderberry Wine Base is a concentrate made from bluish purple berries that produce a superior wine.  Use this wine base by itself for an incredible Elderberry Wine, or add it to beer, mead or cider to add a complexity and extra flavor dimension you can't get without it!


Ask a Question
  • How many gallons of wine does this elderberry concentra make

    This concentrate is intended to make 5 gallons of finished Elderberry Wine.  See our Elderberry Fruit Wine - 5 Gallon Fruit Wine Kit for all of the instructions and ingredients that go into a 5 gallon batch!

  • After opening the container, how long will this last in the refrigerator if it is not all used at once?

    If you repackage the wine base into separate, sterilized mason jars, they can last 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge, or longer.  Oxygen exposure with severely impact the shelf life and can cause fermentation and/or spoilage.

  • Can I get this with pulp ?

    This wine base should have some pulp in it. We've used some of these wine bases in our own recipies at home, and we've noticed some pulp and fruit chunks.

  • Is this plane Elderberry juice or is are additives added to it

    There are no additives in the wine bases. It is just pasteurized Elderberry concentrate.