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Vintner's Harvest Sweet Cherry Puree 49oz



Aseptic Sweet Cherry Puree is prepared from ripened, washed, pitted and sorted Dark Sweet and Royal Anne cherries. Puree may be made from fresh cherries during the harvest months of July and August; or it may be made from frozen puree stock during the off season months. The product contains no preservatives and no additives. 



Aseptic puree is pasteurized at 190°F or higher for a minimum 20 seconds. Puree is cooled and aseptically packaged. Aseptic puree is guaranteed to comply with FDA, Juice HACCP: 21 CFR Part 120, applicable state and local laws and regulations. 


Physical Properties: 

 pH: 3.70 – 4.3 

 Brix: 19.0 – 26.0° 

 Specific Gravity: 8.98 – 9.24 lbs/gal 

 Viscosity: 10.0 – 20.0 cm/min (Bostwick at 70°F) 

 Color: Dark red, typical of Dark Sweet and Royal Anne Cherries


Ask a Question
  • What's a mistake people make when making cherry wine and how can they improve

    Not making enough is the biggest mistake that people make!  Making a 1 gallon batch is wonderful, and better than not fermenting, but because of the time it takes to condition, by the time it's ready there's just not enough to go around.  Consider making a 5 gallon batch, using more high quality fruit like the Vintner's Harvest Wine Base and Puree, and using a good, fruit forward yeast for the style such as BM 4 x 4.