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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

Ball Lock Keg - Used 5 Gallon

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Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs are ideal for kegging your home fermentations, whether they are wine, beer, mead, cider or cold brew coffee.  These used kegs hold pressure, but we always recommend a Rebuild Kit!  While they will hold pressure, it's always better to start with a new set of O-Rings.  

These kegs can have some cosmetic damage or random stickers on the exterior, but we pressure test and ensure that every keg will seal before we receive them to ensure that every keg is capable of holding your favorite fermentation when you receive it, although we do not replace any O-rings unless the keg is not holding pressure.  They come complete with the ball lock posts and poppets they had when we received them, and just remember that they are used kegs, some from even as far back as the 70's.  They may have some soda syrup in the bottom, but nothing that a good cleaning won't fix.  Most will have normal black rubber tops and bottoms, but some may be different colors, including blue, yellow and red.      

Remember that using Keg Lube on your O Rings can extend the life of your O Rings and help keep your keg from leaking at the worst moment.

Our Used 5 Gallon Kegs are sold as is, but if for any reason you are unhappy with the keg you receive, we are happy to take them back!  The purchaser will be responsible for shipping charges when returning them.

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Ask a Question
  • What are the diameter of the ball lock, corny kegs?

    The specs are, 25″ tall and 8.5″ diameter. Hope this helps!

  • As always want to support local. Is the used ball lock kegs you have in need of rebuild, or ready to clean and go? Thanks, Phil

    They are used. They have been tested and do hold pressure, however, always recommend an o-ring kit.