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Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses 1 LB

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1 Pound Vacuum Sealed Mylar Package.

Our Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses is finest quality sugarcane molasses,  made from the final pressing of sugar cane, and the syrup left is rich and delicious.  The boiling process creates maillard rich flavor complexities, as well as concentrating minerals and increasing health benefits.  The sugar content is somewhat low, containing 45% to 60% fermentable sugar, and goes very well in bigger and more complex beers, such as stouts, porters, and barleywines.  It is also the ideal sugar source for a distillation rum wash, making a rich, delicious and traditional distillate.

We only carry unsulfured molasses, and is not only for fermentation, but great for baking, barbecue sauce, molasses cookies, and many other recipes, as well as an all around gluten free substitute for refined sugar.   

Blackstrap Molasses is full of calcium, magnesium, potassium manganese, selenium and iron, with only a tablespoon accounting for 20% of your daily values!  This not only makes us happy, but makes our yeast happy when we ferment!


Blackstrap Molasses is 79 - 80 brix, shelf stable up to 6 years (see spec sheet below) and the perfect addition to the home brewery and the kitchen.  Don¢‚€‚™t believe us?  Try out our homemade Texas style barbecue sauce below and see for yourself!  Interested in learning more about the versatility and health benefits of blackstrap molasses?  Read through our BrewCranium article and see how molasses is made, specific health benefits, and how to use molasses in your home brew!

Specifications and Nutritional Information Downloads

PDF Doc Blackstrap Molasses Specifications Sheet
PDF Doc Blackstrap Molasses Nutritional Information

PDF Doc Try Our Brew-B-Cue Texas Style BBQ Sauce Recipe!



Ask a Question
  • How many calories per serving?

    Thank you for your question!  Based on a 100 g serving size, there are 263.85 calories per serving.  For further nutritional information, including fat, protein, carbohydrates, mineral and vitamin contents, please don't hesitate to take a look at our downloadable Nutritional Information PDF attached to each of our molasses products.

  • How long does this molasses keep.

    Kept sealed after every use, our molasses can last as long as 5 years.