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The Carboy Cleaner


This innovative carboy cleaning brush is made of a stainless steel rod with two soft, super absorbent, and lint free cleaning pads at the end.  To use, simply hook it up to your drill and let specially designed cleaning pads do the hard work!  The pads are constructed with high strength, flexible plastic inserts that keep them rigid during use, while the expanding sponges at the ends help create centrifugal cleaning force to get tough, caked on debris.

The Carboy Cleaner works with any standard size carboy between 3 and 6 gallons, as well as with PET carboys.  It comes with a #7 stopper to keep anything from splashing up at you while you clean, and you can a #10 stopper for PET carboys and Fermonsters.  

This is also a great way to clean 5 gallon kegs!

Replacement Pads can be purchased HERE.


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