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5 Gallon Beer Making Equipment Kit - Premium

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The Premium 5 Gallon Beer Making Equipment Kit is great for the beginning brewer who already has a pot and a burner.  Our Premium Kit includes a Glass Carboy as a primary fermentor, as well as all of the necessary bottling equipment to package your home brew   This kit includes everything else that you need to make your own beer, and every piece of it will last the life of your brewery and be regularly used, no matter how much you grow in homebrewing.  This kit is perfect for both Extract and All-Grain brewers.  This is one of the most comprehensive and inclusive kits available!


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This is one of our most comprehensive, cold side brewing kits.  It literally has all of the equipment that you need to ferment, transfer and bottle your latest home brew.  It even comes with caps!  I love the versatility of glass carboys because if you ever decide you want to try your hand at wine, mead or cider you already have the perfect vessel for primary fermentation.  All of the components are high quality, and most importantly everything is in one kit, in one place so you have piece of mind that you’re not missing anything but a Stainless Steel Brew Pot and a recipe kit!

This Kit Includes

1- 6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy
1- Ale Pale with spigot for bottling
3'- Blow-off tubing for primary
1- #7 Stopper
1- 3 Piece airlock
1- Auto Siphon
1- Auto Siphon Clamp
6'- Transfer Tubing
1- Hydrometer
1- Floating thermometer
1- Hydrometer Cylinder - 10" - Plastic
1- Standard Wing Capper
1- Package of Gold Caps
2- Cases of 12 oz Bottles
1- Bottle Filler with Removable Spring
1- White Carboy Brush
1- 1lb PBW Cleaner

With an upgrade to a 6.5 Gallon Glass Primary Fermentor and all of the necessary bottling equipment, this kit raises the bar on your homebrew!  Check out our tutorials, Brewing with Extract and our Pocket Guide to All Grain Brewing for more information on process and brewing information, as well as our tutorials on Bottling and Kegging for more information on packaging your home brew!


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