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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator

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When using a reflux condenser, especially a high end reflux condenser like the Turbo 500, water flow regulation can be a constant job, always moving the needle valve just a little this way or that to keep your temperature consistent.  This will speed up your runs and make them easier and more consistent.  You can use this with your alembic condenser as well as your reflux condenser.

With the Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator, you can set the exact flow rate that you need to keep your temperature consistent over the course of your run.  Simply connect to your faucet and let the Water Flow Regulator do the rest!

Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator Comes Complete With:

  • It's own built in pump to supply consistent water to your still
  • A float valve to regulate how much water it holds
  • A water flow controller that you can set to exact flow rates 
  • A 1 Liter Cool Resevoir
  • Includes Adapters for kitchen, garden and laundry faucets


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