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Our Monday Savings Sale is happening now! Savings up to 20%!
Our Monday Savings Sale is happening now! Savings up to 20%!

Still Spirits EZ Inline Carbon Filter



This easy to use and effective carbon filter is simple.  All you have to do is connect a line in and out, and gravity feed your distillate through it.  Your distillate or water will slowly soak through the filter cartridge, then drip into your collection container.  The carbon block filter is specially designed for proper flow rate and optimum removal of volatile organic flavor and aroma compounds.

This filter eliminates the pain of trying to use fish tank carbon or carbon pieces, which are notoriously hard to both use and prepare, as well as building your own carbon filter that regulates flow and a stand to put it on.

You don't need the Still Spirits line of columns and condensers to use this carbon filter.  This is for any distiller that wants to make a cleaner product every run.  Each filter cartridge is capable of purifying up to 25 L (6.6 gal) per cartridge, and up to 300 L (79.25 gal) of water.

Replacement carbon filters available above.

Download Step By Step Care and Use Instructions


Distilling alcohol without proper permits and licensing is illegal in many countries, the United States included.  It is the customer's responsibility to research their local, state and federal laws and to abide by their local, state and federal laws.  BrewChatter is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by any misuse or illegal use of distillation equipment.  This distillation equipment can also be used to produce essential oils, vinegars, purified water, and even fuel with a permit.


Ask a Question
  • What micron does the filter filter to?

    While Still Spirits does not publish the micron rating of this filter, carbon filters are generally 50 to 0.5 microns, and due to the smaller size particles and the how this filter cartridge is constructed, it is likely that it is in the 20 - 5  micron range.

  • What type of carbon is used for the "Still Spirits EZ Inline Carbon Filter" Thank you, Todd

    The carbon in the Still Spirits EZ Inline Carbon uses a specifically formulated blend of carbons that have been selected with pore sizes ideal for removing impurities, chemicals, volitile organic compounds, tastes and odors.

  • How often do filters need to be changed?

    Each cartridge is suitable for 25 L (6.6 gallons) of distillate or 300 L (79.25 gallons) of water.