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Still Spirits Turbo 500 Condenser (Stainless Steel)

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The Still Spirits Turbo 500 Stainless Steel reflux condenser works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where it prevents chemical substance above a certain boiling point being processed. Unlike other reflux condensers on the market, the Turbo 500 works with a focus on the water flow and controlling the temperature of the water flow out. Assuming that the temperature of the water flow is stable, it is able to create a ceiling threshold temperature based on the water flow out.

The beauty of the Still Sppirits line of products is that they are modular, with easily available upgrades to the system, such as their gin basket, copper dome, and EZ Filter Filtration Systems.  This line of products produces extremely high quality finished products, and is easy to use no matter what level of distiller you are, from beginner to expert. 

NOTE: The T500 Condenser and Boiler are sold separately, and this system integrates with both the Grainfather and Robobrew systems, which would replace the Boiler and give you better digital control of your boil temperatures, which is especially helpful when distilling grain based washes. 


Distilling alcohol without proper permits and licensing is illegal in many countries, the United States included.  It is the customer's responsibility to research their local, state and federal laws and to abide by their local, state and federal laws.  BrewChatter is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by any misuse or illegal use of distillation equipment.  This distillation equipment can also be used to produce essential oils, vinegars, purified water, and even fuel with a permit.


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