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Star San Sanitizer - 16 oz

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16 oz Sealed Bottle with Easy Measure Pour Spout

STAR SAN is a high foaming, acid anionic, no-rinse sanitizer. Great for every application of brewing.  Use this as a final sanitization step after thoroughly cleaning and rinsing your fermenters, bottles, kegs and any other racking, transferring, kegging or bottling equipment.  You'll want to use this as a sanitizer for any equipment used after the boil.

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Ok, absolutely not new, but a staple for all of us homebrewers regardless.  Star San may be the easiest sanitizer to use, and it’s great for every brewer from the very first timer to the seasoned brewmaster.  It basically slams the pH of your base water down to 2.0, making conditions too acidic for anything to live in.  Keep in mind that part of Star Sans magic is the heavy foaming agent that they use.  This makes sure that every surface gets touched and sanitized.  Don’t worry about washing out the foam.  It’s totally inert and won’t hurt your beer, wine or cider one bit.  We always say Don’t Fear the Foam!

Directions For Use

Use at a rate of 1 oz per 5 gallons and allow 2 minutes of contact time before draining.  STAR SAN is the go to sanitizer for many brewers, both at home and commercially, and can be added to a spray bottle and used to sanitize keg posts, yeast packs and other surfaces. 

Remember: Don't fear the foam!


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