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Star Anise, 1/2 oz

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1/2 package of Star Anise (Illicium verum)

Star Anise is obtained from the fruits of an Asian Shrub. They add a very distinct black licorice flavor to a variety of beer styles, liqueurs and distillates.  Add at lower rates to help push dark malt characteristics forward in any Stout or Blonde Stout.  This is a very strong spice, and  adding it at higher rates can prove very poignant, and Star Anise can easily take over the flavor profile of any libation.

Directions for Use

Use at a rate of .25 oz to .5 oz per 5 gallons at the end of the boil, 10 minutes or less.  Flavors can also be extracted using a tincture.  Add .5 oz Star Anise to a clean, neutral spirit and allow 5 - 7 days for extraction.  Add finished tincture at packaging, either in the bottling bucket or the keg, to taste.


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