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Standard Hydrometer

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Standard Hydrometer for measuring original gravity and final gravity. By doing these measurement, you'll be able to determine your alcohol by weight and alcohol by volume for any beer, wine, mead, cider or wash.  This 9" long, triple scale piece of equipment features measurements in Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol, and Brix.  This ideal for measuring any sugar solution, but will not give you accurate measurements for any high proof distillate.  

A hydrometer is an essential tool for every brewer, wine maker, cider and meadmaker.  Use this for troubleshooting fermentation problems and making all of your sugar measurements.  Please note that it's easiest to make your measurements in the specific gravity or brix scales.  Check out the above video for more awesome information on how to use your hydrometer!

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  • Is this glass or plastic?

    Our standard hydrometers are made of glass.

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