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Stainless Steel Pure Screen



3/8" ID x 4" Long Stainless Steel Racking Tube Screen for filtered transfers.  Simply put this on the bottom of your stainless steel racking cane or on your dip tube in your keg to help filter out trub and particulate matter.  This screen is small micron, works well with whole leaf hops and gritty, yeasty transfers, although too many pellet hops can clog it.  You can also use it for transfers directly from the boil kettle, or during any part of your transfer process.

Use a worm style hose clamp to attach securely to your stainless steel dip tube.

This Pure Screen is also perfect for attaching to the dip tube in your keg to keep out hop trub and hop matter.  Simply attach with a stepless hose clamp!


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