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Sight Gauge Setup - 11" Stainless Steel

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This durable, stainless steel 11" sight glass is perfect for any brew kettle, mash tun, hot water tank, or any brewing vessel that you want to monitor volume in.  The sight gauge adapter is 1/2" MPT, and will screw into any welded or weldless port, and with it's durable, stainless steel shielding up the entire length, it not only looks good, but you can move vessels without worrying about scrapes and bumps will break the high temperature, polycarbonate tubing.

This is ideal for for up to 10 gallon sized kettles, and completely disassembles for fast and easy cleaning.  If you want, you can even remove the 1/2" plug and add a thermometer into the same fitting for a dual upgrade to your HLT, Mash Tun or Kettle!


  • Ideal for smaller vessels, up to 10 Kettles
  • Easy to monitor volume in vessels that are high up or down low
  • High quality, SS 304 Construction
  • Easy disassembly for complete cleaning
  • Thread in Thermometer can be added through the adapter fitting
  • Add a Weldless Fitting to complete the upgrade, or use an existing !/2" Coupler


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