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Rye Malt 50 lbs



American Rye malt is made to exhibit classic rye malt characteristics. A great choice for rye beer styles or to spice up almost any brew, especially West Coast hoppy styles. Use up to 3% to add a touch of dryness and some spicy, rye characteristics to any beer style, 5-10% for classic rye, wheat and smoked beers, or up to 35% for Roggenbier, American Rye, or to have the rye be a fore-front flavor in a Rye IPA. 


Using higher levels of rye malt will contribute to a very viscous final product and a stuck mash due to the grains natural elevated content of beta glucan. Use rice hulls in the mash when the grist is above 20%. For a distiller's mash, or for a less viscous final product, you can add bataglucanase enzyme and do a step mash with the first rest at Beta-Glucanase temperatures, 110º-114º F for 15 minutes.

Note: 50 Pound Bulk Sack

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 3.7
Moisture %: 4.5
Protein Total %: 10.5
Extract FG Dry: 80
Max Usage Rate %: 100
Diastatic Power: 105
Origin: North America


PDF Download American Rye Malt Lot Analysis
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Ask a Question
  • Do these rye berries have fungicides on them?

    If fungicides were used during the growing process, which depends on the grower, they have been since removed during the malting and kilning process.  Rye malt must be clean and chemical free for use in brewing.