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Robobrew BrewZilla V3 All Grain Brewing System with Pump - 65L/17.1 Gallon (220v)

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  • If 10gal is the max output size, what is the minimum batch/output size on this model? I know you can do 3gal batches on the smaller system (5gal output model).

    We have not brewed on this system yet. However, we have sold some in the store and have been told, 5 gallon batchs work out just fine.

  • Do you have the stainless steel distilling lid for this unit or any 16 inch stainless steel domed lid that will fit.

    You can find this lid here: Distillation Lid for 65 L Robobrew Brewzilla


The 65 L BrewZilla is currently a Pre-Order Item.  Place your order and your BrewZilla will automatically ship as soon as they come back into stock!

This 65 Liter version of the Robobrew solves makes it easy and fun to brew 10 gallon batches on the same convenient electric brewing system that we all know and love!  This 220 volt system comes complete with built in elements for heating your mash and boiling your wort, as well as a built in pump, onboard water resistant control panel that allows you to set and monitor temperatures for the mash, sparge and boil, removeable grain basket, and a built in spigot for transferring.

Version 3.1.1 features an upgraded main circuit board that changes how the automatic step mashing functions.  Now when moving from step to step, the timer for each step will not begin counting down until the programmed temperature is reached.  This makes for more accurate mash schedules and timing!  The new board also introduces boil addition timers so you'll never miss your hop additions again!

It's small footprint makes it easy to store and move, and the versatility is endless.  The heating elements are ultra low watt, which means less caramilzation of wort and makes creating lighter colored wort with minimal maillard flavors a breeze.

The built in heating elements, all THREE of them, run off of a single 220 volt plug, and have individual switches so you have all of the control over your heating process.  There is one 2000 watt element, one 1000 watt element, and one 500 watt element, giving you plenty of versatility, whether you're mashing or boiling.  You can use only one of the elements, or all of them!

The built in, magnetic drive pump makes mash recirculation and transfers easy and convenient, especially if you get 2' or 3' of 1/2" silicone tubing to attach to the recirculation arm.

The digital control panel shows both target temperature and current temperature, and you can even set an automatic delayed start up to 23 hours in advance so you can mash in directly when you wake up, get home from work, or finish your chores.  

This All In One Electric Brewery comes complete with a malt pipe for easy switch from mash to boil by simply pulling up the malt basket using the provided handle.  Then, it's as simple as turning the malt basket 90° and setting it on the integrated tabs for that very purpose.  From here, a modified fly sparge is a cake walk while you come to a boil.

The included wort chiller comes with bare ends so you can modify it to fit your brewing process.  1/2" Compression Fittings (found above) are the easiest way to get to 1/2" MPT or 1/2" FPT, and from there you can add Garden Hose Fittings or barbs as you need.

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The big boy!  You know we love using our BrewZilla system, and I’ve always said the only real downside is that it maxes out at 5 gallon batches.  Well, BrewZilla heard our plight and made a bigger system!  This is perfect for all of us that want to make the jump to 10 gallon batches, with all of the same ease and functionality that you want from an All In One system.  You might have to run a little extra power, but it’s worth it to have the ease of use and the small footprint of the BrewZilla! 


  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 16 gallon total capacity to make 10 gallons of packaged beer
  • Digital temperature controller
  • 220 Volt Power and Plug
  • Triple heating elements for a total of 3500 watts (1-2000, 1-1000, 1-500) and complete control over every part of the brewing process
  • Stainless Steel 1/2" Ball Valve for draining if you don't want to use the pump
  • Included Stainless Steel Immersion Chiller
  • Stainless Steel Malt Basket with Malt Pipe
  • Stamped Volume Markings
  • Glass Lid with hole to keep heat during mash while recirculating
  • Integrated Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Recirculation Arm
  • Temperature reads in both °F and °C
  • Approximately 36" tall when recirculation arm is attached with a 16" diameter