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Premium Blue Agave Syrup 45 lb



45 Pound Sealed Plastic Tote.

Premium Blue Agave Syrup, straight from Mexico! With it's honey-like sugar profile, Agave Syrup is very different in that it is sweeter than honey. It adds a very delicious and natural flavor profile to any beer or cider with as little as 1 lb per 5 gallons.

Agave syrup can also be used to make an 'Agave Mead' or 'Agave Wine', traditionally known in Mexico as a 5- 7% drink called Pulque. We've found that using Agave Syrup instead of Honey lends itself to a beautiful, flavorful and complex Mead-like drink that just as versatile as a regular mead, with a wildly different flavor.

For a flavor and simple sugar addition to any beer, use up to 2 lbs per 5 gallons.

For a flavor and simple sugar addition to any cider, use up to 1 lb per gallon.


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