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Paddys Picks Irish Beer Bundle - All Grain Beer Kit

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The Ultimate Beer Bundle Kit for Irish style beer lovers!  Paddy's Picks has THREE of our favorite Irish style beer recipe kits so you can get set up for St. Patrick's Day, or just have the perfect array of beer styles on tap for your next gathering!  These beers cover all of the bases, and are ideal for any beer drinker, no matter what they like!

This Beer Bundle has everything you need to make 5 Gallons of our famous Crazy Red Headed Irish Ale, the ever popular BrewChatter Milk Stout, and insanely delicious and versatile Blue Eyed Blonde Agave Ale (perfect for making green beers!).  That's 15 gallons of finished beer and savings of 15%!

This Beer Bundle Includes

Crazy Red Headed Irish Ale - All Grain Beer Kit

A classic example with a little twist, our Irish Red Ale is reminiscent of your favorite Irish style beers. This is a smooth, easy to drink and approachable beer, with a malty body and balanced hop character.  Definitely a crowd pleaser, and an easy drinker that doesn't fill you up and will always leave you wondering how your glass got empty!

PDF icon Download the Recipe HERE!
Yeast Suggestions Yeast Not Included in Kit
A09 Imperial Organic Yeast A09 Pub
WLP004 White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale
Wyeast 1275 Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale


BrewChatter Milk Stout - All Grain Beer Kit

A classic Sweet Stout that will leave you wanting more. Big, complex malt backbone and the balance you expect from a Milk Stout.  Our milk stout is a little higher gravity than you're used to in this beer style, meant to balance out the perfect amount of lactose milk sugar and roasted malts, giving you an unexpected complexity and a rich flavor.

PDF icon Download the Recipe HERE!
Yeast Suggestions Yeast Not Included in Kit
A10 Imperial Organic Yeast Darkness
WLP002 White Labs WLP002 English Ale
Wyeast 1084 Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale 

Blue Eyed Blonde Agave Ale - All Grain Beer Kit

Are you ready to brew outside of the box?! That's good, because that's what our Blue Eyed Blonde is all about! First, you start with a simple and solid Blonde recipe. Something light and crisp for summer drinking, but with enough backbone to be reminiscent of German Lagers. Then, you turn the whole thing upside down with Agave added during fermentation. This gives you a perception of dryness by the end with a very cool, very distinct Agave kick! Also goes VERY well with added fruit puree, and makes a MEAN Green Beer for St. Patrick's Day!

PDF icon Download the Recipe HERE!
Yeast Suggestions Yeast Not Included In Kit
A07 Imperial Organic Yeast Flagship
WLP001 White Labs WLP001 California Ale
Wyeast 1056 American Ale


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