Original Alljuice Wine Kit - Zinfandel



This Wine Kit is well known for creating a jammy, hearty Zin full of earthy, smoky and spicy notes.  Barrel aging brings it all together with vanilly undertones and light, woody tannins.  We recommend French Oak Medium Spirals to finish this delicious wine, although you can use the American Medium Spiral as well for a slightly less complex and more oak forward wine.

The Original Alljuice series of Wine Kits is perfect for anyone who wants to make incredible wine, but doesn't have a handy vineyard to pull from.  Comes in a bucket, ready to ferment!  Just drill a hole in the lid and go!

These kits are 100% juice, Sterile and ready to ferment.  You can download Mosti Mondiale's Instructions HERE.

All Kits come with:

- 23 Liters of Sterile Grape Juice

- Yeast 

- Yeast Nutrients

- Potassium Metabisulphite for the degassing, clearing and stabilization step

- Kieselsol and chitosan clarifiers

- Potassium Sorbate Stabilizers

- 30 Labels


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