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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!


An amazing Collaboration Beer born from BrewChatter and the fine beer minds at Heretic Brewing Company!  Mo'Horni is a classic West Coast IPA that we loaded up with Mosaic hops and fermented HOT (90 degrees!) with Kveik yeast.  For our collabo we used the Hornindal Kveik strain (get it?  Horni?!), but this IPA is built to work well with any of the brighter and more tropical viking yeast strains like Kveiking, Loki or Voss.  This is West Coast, clean and crisp with TONS of tropical fruit and citrus to back up the bitter backbone that we all love in the West.  For the most authentic clone, try this beer with A46 Bartleby or WLP521 Hornindal Kveik Ale when they are avaialble and make it as Mo'Horni as possible!


21A American IPA

Recipe Kit Details:

ABV: 6.8%
Estimated OG: 1.057
Estimated FG: 1.008
IBU: 50
SRM: 5

Included In Kit:

  • All Malt Extracts Listed in Recipe
  • All Grains Listed in Recipe, Ground and Bagged Together
  • All Hops Listed in Recipe
  • 5" x 28" Grain Bag
  • 4 oz Bottling Sugar
  • Beer Recipe Kit Instructions

Yeast Suggestions:

A44 Imperial Organic Yeast A44 Kveiking
A43 Imperial Organic Yeast A43 Loki
Voss Lallemand Viss Kveik Ale Yeast

Instructions and Home Brew Recipe Download:NOTE: YEAST is NOT included. 

PDF icon  Download the Recipe HERE!
PDF Icon  Download Brewing with Extract Guide HERE!
BrewChatter BrewCranium Read More About Brewing the Best New England IPA Possible on BrewCranium!

NOTE: Recipe and Extract Brewing Instructions are in PDF format.  


Ask a Question
  • How many gallons of water for the steeping and boil?

    We typically start with 6.5 gallons to cover steeping grains and boil off to ensure 5.5 gallons go into the fermenter.