MelonBall Watermelon Wheat – Extract


Style- 29A – Fruit Beer
This popular watermelon beer has a BrewChatter twist! It's a bit more complicated, but way more fun! You can make either a 10 gallon batch of a low alcohol beer, or a 5 gallon batch of an imperial version!
This crisp, dry wheat style beer has a nice, slightly tropical hop aroma that mixes well with the fresh watermelon flavor. We recommend a clean, dry fermenting American ale yeast to dry it out and push forward the specialty malts and pop the hops.

Estimated ABV - 7.2%
Estimated OG - 1.078
Estimated FG - 1.009

Yeast Suggestions:

- WLP001 California Ale (Sold Separately)

- Wyeast 1056 American Ale (Sold Separately)

- Gigayeast NORCAL #1 (Sold Separately)

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