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Mangrove Jack 7 Gallon Stainless Steel Fermenter

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All Stainless Steel fermenter at an incredible price!  This Australian made fermentation vessel is ideal for homebrewers who want to brew in stainless, but don't want to pay the high price tags of most SS fermenters.  Takes a #3 Stopper.  


  • 25 Liter/7 Gallon Capacity
  • High Grade 304 scratch resistant Stainless Steel Body
  • Handles for easy lifting and movement
  • Seamless inside finish for easy cleaning and contamination prevention
  • Stamped volume measurements in Liters inside
  • Attached Spigot for easy transfers
  • Flat Bottom


Ask a Question
  • I would like to see the 5 gallon electric one that you could distill from.

    The Still Spirits Line of products has the perfect unit for this, the T500 Boiler, as well as the 5 gallon Brewzilla if you want more advanced functionality.

  • Does it work on 110 or 220 and how hot does it get? Also what size is the opening in the dome at the top

    This fermenter does not plug in, so the only power required is yeast!  For a powered option, check out the Brewzilla!  The 5 gallon version runs on 110v, the 10 gallon version runs on 220v.  The opening at the top of this fermenter is 7/8", or 22.23 mm.