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Malted Oats per pound

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Malted Oats can give your beer a full, soft and silky mouthfeel and an almost granola-like characteristic.  Because of high levels of Beta Glucans, a high percentage of Malted Oats can lend to a gummy mash, and a Beta-Glucanase Rest (113°  F for 15 minutes) is recommended for easy lautering.  

Use at a rate of 5% - 10% to enhance body and flavor of malt forward beers.  Use at a rate of 10% - 20% to enhance body and flavor, as well as creating a sweet/granola forward wort and enhancing dark malts.  Use up to 100% if you want to get crazy.    

Note: Sold by the pound.

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I love using malted oats!  If you are making a white stout or a beer where you would typically load it up with flaked oats, these are great because you get all of the flavor and character of flaked oats without worrying about the flakes gelatinizing in your mash tun.  The husk on malted oats are pretty epic and can help create a ton of space in the mash tun for sparging.  It really is the best of both worlds!

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 1.5 - 3
Moisture %: 4.5
Protein Total %: 11.9
Extract FG Dry: 60
Max Usage Rate %: 10
Diastatic Power: 75
Origin: United Kingdom
PDF Download UK Malted Oats Malt Lot Analysis 
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