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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

Make Your Own Makgeolli Kit - Premium 1/2 Gallon

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The Make Your Own Makgeolli Kit by Hyesun House takes a millineum of traditional Korean brewing tradition and modernizes the approach to home alchemy.  This is a great place to start your fermentation journy making small batch, traditional Korean makgeolli.  This kit features an easy to follow recipe, all of the equipment that you need to get started, and high quality, hand picked ingredients needed to make two 750 mL bottles of fresh brewed Makgeolli in less than 10 days!  When you're ready for your next batch, check out the Make Your Own Makgeolli Refill Kit for your next batch!

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean fermentation, and the only way to get it fresh stateside is by making it yourself.  This brew kit will set you up for multiple batches, and make it easy to keep brewing as many types and flavors as you want!

For more information on making Makgeolli, step by step instructions, and some awesome comments and suggestions from other makgeolli brewers,  check out Alternative Fermentations:  How to Make Makgeolli on BrewCranium!

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We are SUPER excited to be able to offer a high quality Makgeolli Kit!  It seems like more and more, everyone is looking to try new fermentations and expand their repertoire, so we were stoked to find that our friends over at Hyesun House had already done it!  High quality ingredients, equipment, and literally everything you need to do your first batch!  Not sure what Makgeolli is?  Read Alternative Fermentation:  How to Make Makgeolli from one of our favorite out of the box fermentationists, Chris!

This Kit Includes

  • Step by Step Brewing Guide
  • Half Gallon Glass Vessel
  • Filtration Bag
  • No-Rinse Sanitizing Solution
  • Collapsible Funnel
  • 2 Cups Korean Chapssal Rice
  • 1/2 Korean Nuruk
  • Brewing Yeast



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