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Lemondrop T-90 Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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US Lemondrop T-90 Hop Pellets, 1 pound bulk package.

Lemondrop hops were originally bred by Hopsteiner in 2001, then known only as Experimental #01210.  They recieved their name due to the distinct and uniquely strong lemon and citrus aroma that they impart into beer.  Lemondrop is a daughter of Cascade with a USDA 19058 male.


Moderately low co-humulone levels show that Lemondrop acts a a solid, lower alpha bittering hop.  That being said, as an aroma / flavor addition this variety is put to much better use, especially when blended with other aroma hops to enhance the lemon forward profile.

Aroma and Flavor

Lemondrop gives a very strong, lemon-citrus forward aroma balanced with notes of light green tea, subtle mint, and distinct hints of melon. 

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This daughter of Cascade got quite a bit of press when it first came out, and it seemed like everyone wanted to use it in their favorite IPA or Pale Ale, and I tend to agree.  While the profile is more subtle than the name suggests, it definitely has a very cool citrus characteristic that is more like candy than I ever expected.  Imagine a super light dry hop addition with Galaxy and El Dorado on an NEIPA or blonde with a balanced bitter and some residual sweetness, but more lemon citrus than grapefruit citrus, and you pretty much have it.


That being said, I feel like Lemondrop is meant to be part of a hop profile instead of a SMASH style hop, and this hop seems to play REALLY well with Citra and Simcoe.  They lay the groundwork for the counterpoint while Lemondrop pushes forward the citrus profile and bumps up the complexity.  I think there will be some experimentation in our Sonnenschein Kolsch recipe to bump up the citrus profile and make it even more refreshing!  

Average Acid Content

Alpha Acids: 5% - 7%
Beta Acids: 4% - 6%
Co-Humulone: 28% - 34%

Average Oil Content (% of Total Oils)

Total Oils: 1.5 - 2.0 mL/100g
Myrcene: 45% - 47%
Humulene: 56% - 58%
Caryophyllene: 8% - 10%
Farnesene: 6% - 7%
B-Pinene: No Published Information
Linalool: 0.4% - 0.6%
Geraniol: No Published Information

Possible Substitutes for Lemondrop

While there is no direct substitution for Lemondrop, a blend of Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria or Huell Melon will get you close to the profile.

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