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Lactose 1 Pound

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Lactose, or milk sugar, is a non-fermentable sugar used to sweeten Brown ales and Stouts. It gives a beer a creamy texture and a silky body, or "milky" flavor as it is called in some countries. Lactose is also great as an addition to a cider to balance the typically tart flavor after fermentation has completed.  Famous for it's use in Milk Stouts (Sweet Stouts) like Guiness.  Use at a rate of 1/2 lb to 1 lb per 5 Gallons.

Directions for Use

Lactose can be added a couple different ways.  If adding after fermentation, dissolve in 8 - 16 ounces of water and ensure that the lactose is dissolved completely.  Add a small amount into the keg or bottling bucket at a time, tasting to see if the level of sweetness is where you want it.  Repeat until it is.

If you know exactly how much lactose flavor/character that you want in your product, add it in at the end of the boil, just like malt extract.  This is the easiest way to get the milk sugar into solution.

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  • Do you have brown lactose

    No, we only carry white lactose.