Kegerator Conversion Kit


The classic kegerator conversion kit for putting that old garage fridge back to work, or a new fridge! With these accessories, you can convert any piece of refrigeration into a keg pouring machine! All parts up to the faucet are Stainless Steel to ensure you pour the cleanest beer possible, and that your kegerator lasts forever, built out of only the highest quality materials.

Included in the kit:

1 - 5# CO2 Tank (Full if picking up in store, empty if shipped)
1 - Taprite CO2 Regulator, Dual Gauge, of course!
6' - Gas Draft Line
10' - Liquid Draft Line
1 - Sanke Tap with SS Tailpiece
1 - 4" Stainless Steel Shank with SS Tailpiece
1 - Intertap Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Faucet

If you would like this conversion