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This juicy style American Pale Ale combines a TON of malted oats, a touch of specialty malt and a burst of hops to make an easy drinking, lower abv hop bomb that’s light on the bitter profile and deliciously heavy on the silky mouthfeel and fruity hop character.  The delicate blend of German and American Hop varieties leave you with hints of white wine and a piney backbone that pushes huge citrus and tropical fruit flavors to the forefront, leaving you with an impression of fresh fruit and clean, oat-y base malt.


18B American Pale Ale

Recipe Kit Details:

ABV: 5.7%
Estimated OG: 1.058
Estimated FG: 1.014
IBU: 29
SRM: 8

Included In Kit:

  • All Malt Extracts Listed in Recipe
  • All Grains Listed in Recipe, Ground and Bagged Together
  • All Hops Listed in Recipe
  • 5" x 28" Grain Bag
  • 4 oz Bottling Sugar
  • Beer Recipe Kit Instructions

Yeast Suggestions:

A38 Imperial Organic Yeast A38 Juice
WLP067 White Labs WLP067 Coastal Haze
Wyeast 1318 Wyeast 1318 London Ale 3

 YEAST is NOT included.

Instructions and Home Brew Recipe Download:

PDF icon  Download the Recipe HERE!
PDF Icon Download Brewing with Extract Guide HERE!

NOTE: Recipe and Extract Brewing Instructions are in PDF format.



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