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Jockey Box Build Kit - Expandable Single Faucet

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Our Jockey Box Build kits make building your own jockey box fast, easy and clean!  This kit comes with everything that you need to make just about any container your own, portable jockey box!  The best part is that all it takes to make a two faucet jockey box is one more kit!  You can add as many of these as you want to expand your jockey box to fit your needs.  Step by step instructions ensure that your new mobile pouring device is clean, well made, and can handle anything that you can throw at it!

Jockey Box Build Kit Includes

  • Custom instructions for building your jockey box (download below)
  • Stainless Steel Jockey Box Coil 50' x 5/16" OD
  • 2 Grommets for Jockey Box Compression Fittings
  • 2 Ferrules for Jockey Box Compression Fittings
  • 3 Hex Nuts for Compression Fittings and Shank Fittings
  • 1 Jockey Box Special Shank with 5/16" ID Bore
  • 1 Jockey Box Wall Coupler
  • 1 Chrome Plated Standard Faucet with Faucet Knob
  • 1 5/16" Tailpiece to connect to your keg
  • 1 Neoprene Washer
  • 6' 5/16" Ultra Barrier Tubing to attach to your coupler
  • 1 5/8" Easy Turn Hose Clamp to attach the tubing to the tailpiece

You Will Need

  • A Keg Coupler
  • A Keg of beer
  • 7/8" Drill Bit 
  • 1" Open End or Adjustable End Wrench
  • A Cooler or other vessel to build your jockey box into
  • Friends to help you drink your beer
  • Ice to keep your beer cold
PDF icon Download Our Jockey Box Build Instructions
PDF Icon Download our Jockey Box Use Instructions
PDF Icon Download our Jockey Box Best Practice Cleaning Instructions


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