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Homebrew to Sanke Quick Conversion Kit

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This Homebrew to Sanke Quick Conversion Kit comes with everything that you need to make pouring either commercial, Sanke D kegs or Cornelius Ball or Pin Lock super fast and easy.  Simply use the 1/4 MFL Tailpieces, the same threads that are already on your ball lock or pin lock couplers, to quickly and easily transfer between pouring whatever kind of kegs you want!  All Beer contact is NSF Stainless Steel. 

Using this means no more cutting and pasting draft and CO2 tubing, and uses connectors that you already have!

This Kit Includes

  • American Sanke D Coupler with Stainless Steel Probe
  • (2) 1/4" MFL Tailpieces, Stainless Steel
  • (2) Hex Nut for Beverage Out Side and Gas In Side
  • (2) Neoprene Washers for Tailpieces


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