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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!
Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

BrewWater - 5 Gallon Hard Seltzer Yeast Kit

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Our Hard Seltzer BrewWater Yeast Kit gives you everything that you need to brew your Hard Seltzer.  It has everything that's needed to buff up the pH so that it doesn't fall below fermentable acidity levels during fermentation, and all of the yeast and nutrients that are needed for fermentation to finish. 

Simply start with distilled or RO water and add sugar.  You are ready to get your seltzer to terminal gravity quickly and easily!


Ask a Question
  • How long does it usually take for fermentation to begin? I am on hour 36 and still very little activity in the airlock.

    Fermentation usually starts within the first 36 hours.  Double check to make sure that your fermentation lid is on nice and tight.  Sometimes the CO2 can escape without using the airlock if not.

  • Can ,and when could I use fresh fruit in the fermentation?

    Yes, absolutely!  Add fruit day 4 - 5 of fermentation, or use a fruit purees to backsweeten your seltzer, or both!

  • Can the yeast be used multiple times? (assuming more nutrients are added in the second/third/etc brews)

    Yes, with proper 'yeast wrangling' this yeast can be used multiple times, but is intended for a single use for seltzers.

  • Can I store this kit in the fridge? Or what is the ideal temperature for storing this kit?

    This Yeast is freeze dried, and will store for upwards of 2 years at room temperature, 60 - 70 F.  It can also be stored in the fridge with no adverse effects to performance.

  • How much sugar do you reccomend for this amount of water (5gallons)?

    We recommend 4.5 pounds of sugar for a 5% Seltzer and 6.5 pounds of sugar for a 7% Seltzer.  Check out the recipe and step by step instructions on our BrewSeltzer Fizz - 5 Gallon Hard Seltzer Kit!

  • When should you add the kit? After boiling the water and sugar solution or do you wait for it to cool down and then add it directly in the fermentor ? I just bought a kit and I want to use it properly

    Add the BrewWater - 5 Gallon Hard Seltzer Yeast Kit directly into your cooled water/sugar in the fermentor, and let it ferment for 14 days at room temperature.

  • What temperature do you recommend fermenting at with this yeast?

    We recommend fermentation temperatures between 64 and 72 with this strain.  Room temp is usually very close to ideal!

  • Just verifying that the yeast and it’s propagation method used is gluten free? This will be served to some people with Celiac disease.

    According to the yeast manufacturer, the yeast 'may contain traces of gluten and soy', so while it is not certified gluten free during production, there is potential for trace amounts.

  • What yeast strain is in this mix?

    The yeast strain in this mixture is a variant of one of the champagne strains, bulked up with high quality nutrients.

  • Does this yeast kit also include the yeast as well or is it just the minerals, nutrients, and buffer?

    This yeast kit includes all the yeast and everything that the yeast needs to ferment a seltzer.

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