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Hard Seltzer Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon Kit

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Step into the wide world of Craft Hard Seltzer with our Premium 1 Gallon Hard Seltzer Kit!  Our kit has everything that you need to brew up your favorite Hard Seltzer, 1 Gallon at a time.  

The beauty of 1 gallon kits is that you have infinitely more room to experiment with all of the different fruits, flavors and combinations for every hard seltzer that you can dream up!  Add your home-grown peaches, your favorite flavor extract, some elderberrie syrup, or anything else that you can dream up!

A gallon batch of Hard Seltzer will make about 10 bottles of finished seltzer, enough to try and enjoy, but not so much that you get tired of it!

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Speaking of taking the world by storm, have you tried to make hard seltzer yet?  It’s ridiculous because it’s so easy, and because it’s SO GOOD!  If you are a beer purist, skip this section gentle reader.  You won’t like it!  But, if you’re down to experiment and play with some fun flavors,  these 1 gallon kits are the way to go!  The kit comes with your first batch of seltzer, which is a must, and the versatility of making hard seltzer is absolutely endless.  Want to make some with fresh fruit?  Do it.  Want to mix flavors until you get that chocolate-mocha-cinno or pina colada seltzer perfected?  Easy - and fun.  The beauty of doing hard seltzer on a small batch scale is that you’ll never really get bored of what you’ve got in the fridge because it’s always good and always rotating!


Of course, we’ve got your back with a full line of step by step instructions and guides on BrewCranium if you want to get scientific!

This Kit Includes

  • 2 Gallon Bucket with Lid, pre-drilled with Grommet and Airlock for seamless fermentation
  • 1 Gallon Glass Carboy for Flavoring and Bottling
  • 4 oz Star San Sanitizer
  • 3/8" Mini Auto Siphon for easy transfers
  • 3/8" Mini Auto Siphon Clamp for even easier transfers
  • 4' of 5/16" Transfer Tubing for bottling and transferring with the Mini Auto Siphon
  • Spring Loaded Bottle Filler to bottle your finished selzter
  • 5" x 28" Muslin Bag for steeping fresh fruit or spices
  • Standard Capper for capping your latest creations
  • Package of Gold Bottle Caps  
  • 1 Gallon BrewSeltzer Fizz Recipe Kit to get you started
PDF Download Download Our Small Batch Hard Seltzer Instructions
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