GigaYeast GY021 Kölsch Bier Yeast


From one of the oldest Kölsch breweries in Köln. Fermenting under 65?F produces a very clean, crisp beer with a touch of ester. Perfect for Kölsch or any style where a dry, clean profile is desired. GY021 produces a moderate amount of sulfide that will dissipate completely.

Recommended Styles:

Kölsch Pale Ale

Alt India Pale Ale

Cream Ale Amber

Attenuation Medium Gravity* 79% – 83%

Attenuation High Gravity* 76% – 79% (9.6% – 10.1% ABV)

Temperature Range†: 60?F – 72?F

Flocculation: Med/High

*Medium Gravity is 14? – 16?Plato. High Gravity is 23?- 25?Plato.

† The working temperature range represents the range at which fermentation for a given s