GigaYeast GY014 Scourmont Abbey Ale Yeast

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Classic Belgian Ale yeast from the best known Trappist brewery. Strong attenuation with a fruity nose. The warmer it gets the fruitier it grows.

Attenuation Medium Gravity* 79% – 81%

Attenuation High Gravity* 79% – 81% (10.6% – 11.3% ABV)

Temperature Range†: 64 F – 80 F

Flocculation: Low

Description: Classic Belgian yeast from one of the best known Trappist breweries. A fragrant yeast that produces delicious fruity aroma. Good choice for high gravity beers. Generally, the warmer this yeast is fermented the higher the level of fruit aromas produced.

Representative Styles:

Belgian Ale Dubbel

Belgian Strong Tripel

Biere De Garde Saiso