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German Vienna Malt per pound

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German Vienna malt is a lightly kilned lager-style malt made from quality, two-row, German spring barley. It produces full-bodied beers with golden-orange color and smooth mouthfeel. The flavor is malty-sweet with gentle notes of honey, almond, and hazelnut. Equally suited to both ales and lagers, German Vienna malt is specifically designed for use in Vienna style beers, Festibiere, and Maerzenbier.   As you can expect from Vienna malt, this grain produces an orange color, and is well suited to beers that are meant to be drunk a liter at a time.

Note: Sold by the pound.

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I always look at Weyermann Vienna as the gold standard for Vienna malts.  It’s light, biscuity, has plenty of diastatic power to do a full Vienna SMASH if you want to, and adds that beautiful, distinct Vienna orange color.  Try it as a SMASH with some noble hops and Imperial Harvest for a delectable Vienna style lager, or add it in at 10% or so with your favorite IPA or Pale Ale for a little extra complexity.

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 2.8 - 3.9
Moisture %: 5.5
Protein Total %: 9.5 - 12.5
Extract FG Dry: 79
Max Usage Rate %: 100
Diastatic Power: 110
Origin: Bamberg, Germany
PDF Download German Vienna Malt Lot Analysis
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