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Gambrinus Vienna Malt per pound

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Gambrinus Vienna malt is a mellow kilned Vienna style malt that falls between pale ale and munich.  The balanced and malty character provides strong suggestions of honey, toffee and caramel, and is ideal as a way to boost the delicious and biscuity characteristics of IPAs, Kolsch or dunkel.  

Vienna malt is specifically designed for use in Vienna style beers, Festibiere, and Maerzenbier.   As you can expect from Vienna malt, this grain produces an orange color, and is well suited to beers that are meant to be drunk a liter at a time.

Note: Sold by the pound.

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So, full disclosure.  We have like 5 different munich style malts.  I know you've noticed, and probably thought that we are mental.  The thing is, all of these malts are different enough to where they really can make a difference.  So...enter Gambrinus Vienna.  As long as we've been here, we've thought, "Vienna malt is Vienna malt, right?".  Wrong.  I've been super happy and impressed with the Gambrinus line of malts, so it was worth giving their Vienna a shot.'s different!  Surprisingly and deliciously different!  You still get that delicious, crackery malt character that you expect from Vienna (we almost always use Weyermann Vienna, because it's delicious), but the Gambrinus stuff is that, with a twist of sweetness.  I can see this being a hell of a tool to twist an IPA or pale ale with a bit of sweet cracker to round out the character.  

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 3.5 - 6.0
Moisture %: 3.0 - 5.5
Protein Total %: <13.0
Extract FG Dry: 81
Max Usage Rate %: 100
Diastatic Power: 110
Origin: Canada
PDF Download Gambrinus Vienna Malt Lot Analysis
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