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Flaked Rye



Rye is known for it's distinctive character. Although flaked rye will add slightly more rye character, it will impart also the crisp, refreshing, slightly spicy zest to a beer that rye is known for. It's sharp and spicy characteristics go well with just about any beer, but especially rye pale ales and IPA's where citrusy and spicy characteristics are accentuated. To add a fully rounded Rye aspect to any beer, use half malted rye and half flaked rye.

Use up to 5% for a slight Rye character to any beer, up to 10% for a more pronounced Rye character to any beer, and up to 40% for more traditional, German style Roggenbiers.

Note: Sold by the pound.

Grain Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 3.0
Moisture %: 9
Protein Total %: 13
Extract FG Dry: 71
Max Usage Rate %: 40
Diastatic Power:
Origin: North America


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