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Fermenting Foods 1 Gallon Starter Kit

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With this easy and ready to go Fermenting Foods 1 Gallon Starter Kit, you are ready to make Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Fermented Hot Sauce, and any other foods you want to ferment!  This kit comes complete with:

  • 1 - 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy
  • 1 - Rubber Grommet for Jar Lid
  • 1 - S-Type Airlock to create anaerobic fermentation conditions

With this simple to use kit, you are ready to emabark on your journey of making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, or any other fermented products that you want.  Use the resources below to make some delicious fermented treats!

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Summer is here, and that means lots and lots of fresh veggies!  Depending on the size of your garden, there are only so many salads and canned salsas that you can make before you start to go just a little nuts!  This is the whole reason that we started fermenting food!  After our first successful batches of Sauerkraut (House Sauerkraut Recipe), our journey took us to making Kimchi, which is OMG off the chain good (Kim-Chatter Kimchi Recipe)!  Then, we started to get creative, and our Fermented Hot Sauce was born (BrewSauce Recipe).  As I’m sure you can imagine, it was all downhill from there, and we’ve done everything from pickles and dilly beans to asparagus in this thing!  It’s the perfect size for some of the bigger fermentations so that you don’t have to cut your favorite veggies short! 

PDF Download Download Our Kim-Chatter Kimchi Recipe and Instructions!
BrewChatter BrewCranium Read More About Making Kimchi on BrewCranium!
PDF Download Download Our House Sauerkraut Recipe and Instructions!
BrewChatter BrewCranium Read More About Making Sauerkraut on BrewCranium!
PDF Download Download Our BrewSauce Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe and Instructions!
BrewChatter BrewCranium Read More About Making Fermented Hotsauce on BrewCranium!




Ask a Question
  • Hi could you give me basic instructions for making vegetables or beets specifically. I’m a complete beginner any help appreciated. Thanks so much you guys rock

    Pickled beets should be pretty easy with this kit!  Simply skin and slice them however you want them to be (I like medallions, but you can cut them however you'd like) and fill the 1 Gallon Jar.  I like to spice them up with habaneros, but you can also just use a basic pickling spice blend or make your own.  Then fill the jar with water and throw it on your kitchen scale.  Whatever the weight of the vegetables and water is (tare out the weight of the jar first), add approximately 4% of that weight in salt and mix it in.  Put the lid on, fill the airlock to the line with water, and give it 2 weeks or so to finish the fermentation/pickling process on it's own.

    That's the basic overview, and I have attached our Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe and instructions (same process, different veggies) as well as a link to BrewChatterTV where we make Kimchi.  Again, different recipe but the instructions remain the same.

    BrewSauce Fermented Hot Sauce

    BrewChatterTV Kimchi Episode