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Fermaid K - 100 g

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Fermaid K Size: 100 g


100 g pack.  Fermaid K is a blended complex yeast nutrient that supplies ammonia salts (DAP), free amino acids (organic nitrogen derived from inactivated yeast), sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, key nutrients (magnesium sulfate, thiamin, folic acid, niacin, biotin, calcium pantothenate) and inactive yeast.

Fermaid is one of the most complete yeast nutrients on the market.  Benefits include:

  • The unsaturated fatty acids and sterols provided by Fermaid K are important survival factors yeast cells need to maintain alcohol resistance and permease activity, and help keep volatile acidity levels low.
  • Nitrogen is critical for protein synthesis and to maintain cellular growth.  Fermaid K's alpha amino acids provide a nitrogen source which is easier and more efficient for yeast to metabolize than nitrogen from traditional ammonia salts.
  • The cell wall fractions in Fermaid K absorb short and medium chain fatty acids that are toxic to yeast, and provide nucleation sites to help keep the yeast in suspension


Use approximately 1 gram per gallon of wort, must or wash at 33% sugar depletion (day 2 or 3 of fermentation).  Mix with room temperature water before adding to your active fermentation to avoid CO2 release.  The amount of water you use isn't critical, just use enough to make a slurry.  For best results when using dry yeast strains, use Fermaid K in conjunction with Go-Ferm Protect.

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