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Dried Heather Tips 1 lb



1 lb package of Dried Heather Tips

This includes both the flowers and the greenery from Heather.  This herb imparst a pleasing aroma and a smooth bitterness to any beer, and is especially poignant in Scotch-style ales.  The flavor is similar to a subtle chamomile and mint blend with just a hint of lavender.  This herb pairs especially well with honey.

Directions for Use

Add 2 oz at 5 minutes left in the boil, and up to 6 oz at 5 minutes left in the boil to replace hop bitterness.  The longer you boil this herb, the more bitterness/astringency you will get in your beer, so plan accordingly.

You can also make an ethanol tincture to get more aroma and flavor.  Simply steep in a clean spirit (like clean vodka) for 5-7 days and add slowly at packaging until the flavor profile is where you want it.


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