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Double Apple Cider - 1 Gallon Cider Flavor Kit

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Double Apple Cider is for those who REALLY love hard cider!  This Cider Recipe Kit is a little bit sweeter, leaving a small amount of creamy residual sugar to help accentuate the apple flavor, with some extra apple flavoring on top of that to make sure that the apple character explodes on every sip!  If you prefer a sweeter cider, more like the commercial ciders available, then this is the cider for you!

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I got the idea for ‘Double’ Apple Cider a few years ago from a friend who wanted a crisp, clean Basque style cider, and wanted it super dry but with more fruit character and less acidity.  This is what we landed on in the pilot batches of our standard cider, The Bees Knees.  Instead of adding extra honey and boosting the gravity, we added just a hint of Lactose Milk Sugar to add some sweetness, then put a touch of Apple Flavoring to bring it all together.  If you’re a die hard cider drinker and love that medium sweet cider style, then this will be your perfect cider storm!  We test these in conjunction with our Cider Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon.


C1 - Cider with Medium Sweetness

Recipe Kit Details

Estimated Alcohol by Volume: 7.3%
Estimated Original Gravity: 1.055
Estimated Final Gravity: 1.000

Included In Kit

  • 0.25 lbs Lactose Milk Sugar
  • 1 package Mangrove Jack M02 Cider Yeast
  • 4 oz Apple Fruit Flavoring
  • 1 oz Bottling Sugar for Carbonation
  • Complete, Step by Step Brewing Instructions

You Will Need

  • Cider Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon Apple Juice - any juice will work as long as it is free of preservatives

Instructions and Home Brew Recipe Download:

PDF icon Download the Recipe HERE!
PDF Icon Download Our 1 Gallon Mead Making Guide HERE!
PDF Icon Download our Small Batch Bottling Instructions
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NOTE: Recipe and Meadmaking Instructions are in PDF format.


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