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Distillers Whisky Yeast - 100 g

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A pure culture Whisky Strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae used widely in commercial whisky, with robust and authentic aromatics, even in high alcohol fermentations. Includes the advantage of complete nutrition and amyloglucosidase, which enables both complete dextrin conversion of the malt for maximum yield, as well as rapid fermentation to 15% ABV  Still Spirits Whisky is one of the most used and best tasting strains for grain based distillates on the market.

100 g sachet, good for up to 9.2 US gallons  Pitch at a rate of 10 - 12 grams per gallon of wash.

Fermentation Temp: 63° - 73°

Pitching Temp: Less than 80° F


Ask a Question
  • Can this yeast be used to make wine?

    Yes, this can be used to make wine, but there are strains that are better suited to wine making, depending on the juice.  Check out our lineup of Lalvin Wine Yeast to choose the best strain for your wine!

  • can you use this yeast for baking yeast breads?

    Yes, this strain works very well in baking applications!

  • This package is for 6.6 gal of mash could I just add two packages for 10 gal???

    Yes. It will help your pitching rate, and have a good fermentation.

  • Is this a good yeast to use for Brandy applications also?? Will it work with a fruit mash?

    Thank you for your question!  Yes, Distillers Whisky Yeast will definitely work with a full fruit mash, and won't taste bad.  The flavor profile is ok for brandy's, but better suited to grain-based washes.  Consider the Still Spirits Rum yeast for Brandy and other simple sugar applications.